Day 15- Postcards from the Heart

Oct 15, 4:13am


This picture of Jilly is one I love. She is glowing. I think she is quite proud of herself. I love one particular aspect of this picture, I can see her breath. It is the tangible evidence of the life pounding in her. Makes me think of the day she was born and those lunch time moments when her first breath was taken. You were not far away! What a gift to see her move with health through the years, grow, change and mature. The not tangible life force pounding in her is something I recognize having grown up with you and Dad. More and more she is willing to use her voice and energy to stand up for those who need her solidarity, she has a bright mind that sorts out issues of justice + power, she gives generously of her monetary resources. Its all holy…..holy spirit moving. Thank-you for your BIG part in helping her flourish!


This postcard was written early one morning along with many others, it was clear that time was running short. Mom had received gifts of two different prayer shawls from churches in our area and I had gone onto Facebook to see if anyone was going to Saskatoon, could I send a package with them? I felt really very blessed when Janis Mann responded to my request. I met her at a crossroads on the road between our two homes and passed over the package. By evening a bunch of postcards and the prayer shawls were in my sister’s hands and by morning the next day, the 16th, Mom had it all. I was told that she received the shawls with delight, used one like a blanket and one around her neck and that is where they stayed. She passed with them comforting her and I now have them back at the ranch. Life really is something else and our hands really do have great potential for comforting one another in various ways. It meant so much to me that Janis reached out her hands and received my box, then with care got it delivered to my sister’s home. It helped soothe the ache in my heart at being distant at this time.

This photo by Liz Griffin Photography was taken December 4, 2019 as we sorted and weaned our herd in preparation for marketing. This postcard is the 15th in a series of 22 messages prepared for my Mom. I was attempting to share these awesome ranch pictures with her while we were all facing her cancer reality. They are shared on the blog when times are busy at the ranch yet I still want to explore on the blog what life is all about.