Hello Tuesday

I had an experience on Sunday morning that I was eager to write about as it was unfolding.  I didn’t get a chance. 

It was likely a couple months ago that I got a phone call from the church in Estevan asking if I could lead worship at their Church and include the sacrament of Holy Communion.  They are currently without a minister and therefore do not get the chance to have communion very often.   I remember thinking that by late November I would be free of cow chase work and I could be available.  The thing is, I then forgot that I had made the commitment.  It was a busy fall and I think my brain is struggling to hold onto many details.  I am not really worried about this, even though my Dad was my age when his dementia began.  There was a random moment of extreme grace that saved my hide.  I was at a church meeting in Carnduff a few weeks ago when our minister said to me, “Kathy you are at Estevan on the 20th eh?”  She had been at a meeting there and saw their worship plan.  I was stunned by the news she had for me.  I came home scoured the calendar and the notes on my desk and I did not find any record of it.  Could it be?  I eventually just had to call the church and talk to the secretary in a way that might confirm the date without revealing how forgetful I was.  It was true.  I was on the schedule.    By this point my aunts funeral was already set for Friday in Saskatoon.   It was destined to be a busy time.   Things unfolded as they needed to and I was grateful to be safely home from Saskatoon and prepared for worship as 9:15 rolled around on Sunday morning.  As I walked to my closet to grab my stole, (an embroidered very long scarf that I wear during the sacraments) with the family already headed to the truck, I looked down to realize that there were spots of blood on the floor.  Nothing awful had happened.  One of our dogs had begun to cycle.  I had already done some cleaning up earlier in the morning and naively thought I had it.  In a moment when time was short I just decided to step over it.  That is the exact moment when I said, “I want to write about this.”  Why?  I think there is a thought in society that ministers and the activities that fill our lives are kind’ve holy, perhaps holier than thou?   That moment seemed to capture much.  I was about to conduct the service that I would have missed had it not been for Susan’s attention to details, I was stepping over canine menstrual blood and I was leaving mess in my path as I headed out the door.   Ancient notions of holiness included total separation from menstrual blood.  Being forgetful is a sin in this culture of ours.  Is orderliness next to Godliness as the saying goes?  All those things were tumbling around in my head as we pulled out of the yard in the still very dirty truck.  If service to God requires all our ducks are in order I cannot rise to the task.  If service to God requires a willingness to go where we are needed with the best that we got, relying on God to both understand us and work through us, well, its worth a try.  The folks in Estevan delighted us with such a warm welcome.   Its another example, in my own experience, that we best not wait til we have everything polished up to jump into the life that is in front of us.   Maybe this is where faith actually comes in.  Daring to believe that we are good enough as we are, to be people who live to help God make the world more whole. 

This picture is 2-1/2 years old but is the last one I have that illustrates what a stole looks like. This was during a service that we recorded outdoors during total lockdown, a “blessing of the animals” service.

P.S. Something funny…..when I read this over to Russell he said, “thank goodness you clarified about that blood.  I was thinking that when you said our dog had begun to cycle people were going to think that Knightwing had taken up biking and was getting lots of owies!”  That mental picture gives me the giggles.

When Knightwing isn’t busy with her first job – guard dog at the ranch, and when she isn’t working on her new hobby of bike riding, wink, wink, she is a committed cattle dog, totally part of the team.