Postcards from the Heart – Day 4

Dear Mom,

This is a fun but quirky photo. It was taken by Liz the day that we were supposed to be at the big race in South Dakota.

The thing I find myself thinking about looking at this image is the truth that when you have a large load to carry you have to do it strategically, large loads can be born by everyday, average people.

What is the key piece of strategy for you and I and all as we move through these days? How can we bear this load? We have talked about tears, about love, about prayer. These are key I think.



This picture was taken by Liz Griffin Photography on June 20, 2020, the day Russell and I were to have taken part in a wife carrying competition in Frederick, South Dakota. Covid changed our plans. Instead we worked with a group of cows and calves that day and got Liz to photograph that plus document us doing our own race in the pasture. We won the race, admittedly the competitors were absent! Liz got some astoundingly beautiful photos that day.

I was in Saskatoon with Mom when she opened this piece of mail. As she drew the picture out of the envelope she said something like this, “oh I have not liked this wife carrying stuff you are doing, it feels so brutish, a man should not be able to carry you off like that.” My feelings were not hurt, although hearing your Mother’s displeasure is never an easy thing. I had not thought about this experience through the lens that Mom was using, she had a point. To me it had always been about fun and exercise (for Russ) and as the one being carried it was totally an exercise in trust. As she read the writing on the back of the picture she softened. I believe this was the day she said, “I love how your brain works.”

This postcard is the 4th part of a 22 blog series arising from circumstances detailed in the blog post called “Postcards from the Heart – Part 1.”