Saturday Sun and other bits

Good morning, it’s bright and sunny here in Carnduff and the temperature is supposed to rise above 0 today. We sure hope so. I hope wherever you are there is something bright for you to look at or think about.

This picture brightened my morning, Gina sent it with the caption that she is eating lunch with Dad’s favorite horse. She loves her job at Medieval Times.

Yesterday morning began with the news that our cow named Daffodil had lost a set of premature twins. This meant Russ brought Daffodil home where he can milk her. He does this with the hope of keeping her milk supply flowing, should we later have an orphan calf we have a Mom ready to adopt it onto. Daffodil has been sweet to Russ, despite her rough day yesterday.

A short video to give a glimpse of part of Russell’s work with Daffodil yesterday.

I was just leaving town yesterday when a call came from Russ to pick up Oxytocin at the vet. (This would help Daffodil release her milk). Later Russ commented, “I am milking a cow, I guess we can say calving season has begun.” To that I add, once I am making trips to the vet and finding containers to freeze colostrum and milk it’s definitely calving season. Are we ready? Well, we didn’t have oxytocin on hand, so maybe not. We have almost watched all 9 seasons of Seinfeld so that hopefully means personally we are almost recharged.

A Morgan anecdote for you this morning…..Morgan has noticed and felt slightly chagrined by my hobby, (he calls it an addiction) with Mixbook and Shutterfly, websites that allows me to create photo books and many many other personalized household items. His main concern is that I have taken to personalizing everything possible. We now have over 20 dinner plates personalized with photos and words on them. I have created and ordered in bulk our own sympathy, graduation and thank you cards, personalized with photos and our own sentiments. I have my own personalized notepads and sticky notes. We make our own calendars, and I have to say I adore making them and having them. I love the thought of creating personalized gifts and I do it alot. Morgan is almost at his limit. At the same time that I am creating away he is engaging in his love of online shopping. The result of this is that he sends me links all the time, directing me to websites where I can find the latest thing he needs in the way of tack for his work on and with horses. I often resist looking at it closely, perhaps overwhelmed by what I do not understand. Last week Russ started chuckling to himself. He said, “I shouldn’t tell you this, but, Morgan figures he has come up with a genius plan to get you to buy the tack he wants.” “Uh huh”, I said. He went on, “either he needs to get Shutterfly to start selling tack or he needs to find a way that you can put pictures on and personalize tack, then he figures you will be all in.” I laughed. I find Morgan’s humor about me endearing, as much as it can be edgy at times. (Did you read about him wanting to get amputation for my leg last week?) I think his comments say to me, “I may be rushing around here, busy, thinking about ranching, Jordanna, my truck, my horses, trying to rope you, wondering what there is to eat, but Mom I see you, I see what you love and what you avoid, and I like you.” So I was glad that Russ shared Morgan’s wry observation with me. Having told me about it I was in the right space to understand the comments Russell made when he opened up a package we picked up in Sherwood this week. I ordered Russ a personalized barber cape. It was a practical but fun thing to include for his birthday. For twenty years I have been cutting Russell’s hair with, I think, the same plastic wrinkly cape that came with our first clipper set. It is now almost crispy and held on during a haircut with a clothespin. As Russ opened the package and caught a glimpse of himself on horseback on this filmy fabric the first thing he said was, “oh Morgan is going to lo-ooove this!” We laughed. It turned out beautifully. Here it is….

It says Kathy’s Kitchen -Cowboy Cuisine- -Cowboy Care- -Cowboy Cuts-

And below….a Gina picture to end the post as it began…..Gina has been enjoying what Toronto has to offer. This mechanical bull and she have had a few showdowns over the weeks. Gina sent this picture yesterday and told us she was complimented by a 50 year old lady for her great dismounts every time she came off.

For the record….both Gina and Morgan gave their permission for the bits shared about them today.

And…..Have a great weekend!