Looking Up

The men of this ranch are watching “City Slickers”. It’s a fun movie. I am hunkered down beside them, fighting a cold, not in the mood for a movie, so maybe a quick blog is in order. Things are a little lighter around here lately. We have been looking up literally and in our spirits. Some pictures tell the story.

Russ, Morgan, and Ron were the main crew who got a new sign installed this weekend.
The old signs were more weather damaged than we realized and much of the info on them is different now.
After much figuring out work it was Morgan and Russ who went high to get the sign placed while Ron ran the skidsteer.
In the end they needed extra help to hoist the sign up and get it wedged in. Rev. Kyle was summoned up.
Russ met the man who did our sign at Agribition. Rick from High Plains signs and I consulted to get this design figured out. We really like it.
Russ replaced our Canadian flag. The old one was in terrible frayed condition. It told a tale of the horrible winter it witnessed. This fresh flag and the full pond behind it have us looking up with more hope within than we have known for a while.
And last but not least…..we had our first calf today. This is Even the cow and a small but feisty calf. A new season has begun!