Day 25 – Calving Season 2022 – Check-in

Things are not getting easier as quickly as we had hoped. We still do not have power (94 hours and counting). We are among the last in our area. It has been such a crazy time.

The scene here as I write this. Russ and Morgan have moved two groups of cow calf pairs to spring pasture today. About a mile long walk. These calves have stolen my heart this spring.

It has been humbling and at times heartwrenching living these days. It feels like there are a million stories to tell, most of them with happy endings.

One of the main challenges for me is sleep deprivation. That makes me fuzzy headed. I have caught alot of balls these days but I have dropped alot too. Just can’t hold everything there is to think and feel.

I have a more complete blog with some sense of the days partially done if you are interested. I just lost my will to create for a bit. Until then, just know we are keeping our act together, with lots of help and isolated showers of tears.

With my kitchen in total chaos behind me I tried on my sassy look this morning.



The power just came on. So much relief. Now what do I do first?