Day 9 – Postcards from the Heart


I really like this picture. I like the focus on my face. What I mean is, I am focused. I LOVE feeling focused. Its one thing I especially appreciate about ranch jobs, many of them have big things at stake which automatically creates focus, and of course, sometimes stress, lots of it.

Living with you in the role of support giver has had an inborn focus to it. The entire sister crew has been focused on enhancing your sense of comfort and safety. For a while I have been the closest hands and feet of that effort. It has been good for me to be allowed this focus. A bit of a balm for my frazzled soul.

Thank you for graciously welcoming me.

This picture was taken on December 4, 2019 while we were weaning our calves and getting ready to market them. This was Liz Griffin’s 2nd time out at the ranch documenting one of our work days.

This post is the 9th part of a 22 blog series called “Postcards from the Heart”, this series arises from circumstances detailed in the post called “Postcards from the Heart – Day 1.”