Day 14 of Calving 2022 – Peace

The morning sun on the cows in the calving yard when Russ did his first check of the day.

What a difference a few days can make. Today it was sunny, very unseasonably cold but quite still. Birds were singing. It felt good. Russ invited me out to the calving pasture to stand on the porch of the cowboy cottage and photograph the day end round up, when the cows that had been spread across a quarter section were moved into the calving yard for the night. I decided to video tape it and I decided to share it because if you like or are curious about cows, if you like nature sights and sounds, if you like the feeling of getting a job done, if you like cowboy action you might just enjoy this. It is an almost seven minute video, so be aware of that as you click on it. Its slow paced and peaceful with only one dog on duty for a reason, they were working to keep back the cow calf pairs from the last couple of days. Its best to keep the calves out of the more crowded calving yard. its best for everyone if the Mama cows don’t get stirred up by a high intensity chase.

We had a few births today and all went well. Stephanie, Fritter (a first calf heifer), Pray (a 2nd calf heifer who starred in a blog last year called “Praying Games”), Cuddle (a 2nd calf heifer), Osprey and Vietnam all calved today. Maui looked like she was going to calve soon when Morgan last saw her. So things are perking along.

Our dishwasher broke the day before the blizzard, its almost 8 years old so I don’t think I am going to try and get it repaired. I spent a good chunk of time today researching dishwashers, I was like a dog with a bone. I felt driven by this notion that the perfect combination of price point, features and availability was going to be discovered. Alas, I get the feeling that when it comes to appliances there are no sure things What I am learning is that we were fortunate to get 7.5 trouble free years out of this one.

As we head to bed tonight we are expecting a visit from the Easter Bunny and will rise to the Easter morning victory of life over death. That translates for me into the challenge to be a follower of Jesus and join him in living the truth that love has the power to conquer fear and hate. I find its a great way to live. Our ability to get to church to celebrate all of this will be determined by just how much snow falls overnight. We are predicted to get another 6″ by lunch time tomorrow. It could make travel and working with calves tricky. We will see what tomorrow holds.

In the meantime, here is a dose of cowboy magic!

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